Mid Engined Citroen DS

got the body off to finish all the chassis welds and then back.

Rear suspension re-designed with 4 top hats and the cantilevers now operate the shocks.

To allow proper street ride height I had to adjust the now 4 sleeved airbags with cups like in the front, but they tend to move a lot when not inflated enough. I am currently trying to guide them with round teflon ducts. Hopefully that will work.

I will post more pics as the front end has everything in place, I am finishing the welds on the front firewall to allow master cylinder, wheelwells and coolant stainless ducts.

Hope to end up with all that structural work to resume stuff on the most interesting part: body final assembly stages out of new panels. Then we should see the final mockup and the overall finished aspect of the car. Right now it looks more like a buggy...

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Thanks !!

It looks good from the pics but lots and lots of time will be spent to do some more detailed work.

Dont hesitate to discuss any things eventually done wrong you'd see on the build, it aint straightforward as its the first time I do car from the ground up.
Hi! I'm from the east, near Nancy ;)

the project should move forward in the next few months.

Lenghtening and patching the doors is quite time consuming when done traditionnaly, but this time I'll use a bead roller and spot welder to gain time on some large areas. Should look like a car again pretty quick.
ultra cool project, I've never seen anything like it. One concern - the rear track is very narrow, combine that with the mass of the motor moved to the back and I wonder if the platform will have roll control problems when driven with vigor.
Yes it will be interesting to see how it handles, oversteering is to be expected. Just hope that tire wobble/shake wont be a problem.

There's around 2,5" - 3" width that might be gained using spacers, anyway the body shape is like the rear end will still substantially be narrower.

Wheelbase is that long, shortened versions were built for competition



As for having a better instant center, my crankshaft line/engine mounts are still a bit over the wheel center.

I kept the deep truck pan, but lowering more the 01E would have made the CVs not to be level at ride height.
Happy 2018 !!

Hopefully this should be the the final year of the build.

Mocked up panels recently. Lots of work ahead (gaps, patches, areas to replace or build, new structures, hinges...) but once this is sorted, the rest should be really basic and straightforward.
I have to make sure the bottle-like lines are kept, but it can only differ slightly from stock shapes. Making longer doors is a challenge too: the car is V-shaped, if you extend the widest area of the car, you cant just patch existing structures, it needs to be fully reworked. I'll post pictures once done.

I bought the twin turbo system already: 3582s.
Should be alright low-mounted with a scavenge pump. We'll run the car N/A with open wastegates at first and once the chassis is set (and a new 1000 HP clutch is adapted) we turn up the boost then.

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