Mold Foam

For you guys who have made molds out of foam, what are you using? I have seen the 2 part, the standard home improvement foam, are you spraying into a box to build a shape for which you then sculpt? Any suggestions or good sources to learn from would be appreciated.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
For small parts and scoops of various design, I use the floral foam due to it being somewhat resin tolerant. Sands extremely well (almost too well). I've never tried the spray foam.
there is a wide range of foams for such a work,..foam must be resin and acetac resistand, so you have no Problem do work with bondo on it,...and it must have a good strange,..shore-harden, can work good with it, most of this foams are ready in plates or blocks, it is called block-material,...from 35kg each m3,..up to 1800 kg each m3,...if you have a 35kg m3 block you can easy shape it with handtools and scratch it to perfekt shape with p240, all sprayfoams work for some conditiones, but not resin resistand, not to overwork with bondo,..only with epoxy