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As it turned out Howard had many beautiful cars parked around his "Betty" (number 83) including two ERA GT40s. But the real stunner (that just by chance) was parked right next to him. We knew who it belonged to although we never actually saw him until the end of the day - long after the throngs of Cobras had left this parking lot.

Was great to meet Brent and see his car. Very nicely done in a 'classic racecar' theme. Looking at it, it looked, well, like an ex-racecar with a new paint job. Of course the car got loads of attention and most people didn't really know what to think....I saw many gears turning in heads.....''uhhh, nobody makes a replica of it real...uhhhh'' they stumbled away trying to work it out.

I also enjoyed the guy who came over and wanted to know if "Betty" was mine. He would see Howard drive by (they live in the same town) and never could quite get in a position to flag him down. Turns out he owns the beautiful orange ERA in the pictures.

Had a great time, met many GT40 forum members and Howard found Alex's long lost engine to boot :)


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The car in my shot is an RCR. I am guessing that the cars in your shots are from a guy who builds very expensive (maybe ''duplicate'' level) replicas. I don't know much about him or his cars other than they are way expensive very exacting (I hear anyway).

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Here's a couple more. Rob in a 956. Me and him with the owner. Just so we all know what a real diffuser looks like. The last one is alex's engine.......Tune THAT carb baby!!!!!!