Motor Sport Magazine

Hi Mike.. I love the online version- Motorsport Digital, because it has every and I mean every Motorsport published back to the 1920s. It's search function in the Archive section is perfect and there is lots of GT40 stuff to read there. You also get 10 free downloads per month. Look up 1013, as it was the Ford press car and was described as the best sports car ever. Best regards. Andrew

Mike Pass

Hi Andrew,
Motor Sport is my favourite mag also. I see the car is now nearly ready to go. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
I stopped buying Classic and Sports Car, as I felt it had become pretty much an investment magazine.

Subscribe to Motorsport now, and love it. Can't believe it took me so long to get into this great publication!

The GT40 article was excellent....
For those that read quite a few magazines and have a tablet device, I have just discovered "Readly" Its a magazine app that for a monthly subscription (£7.99) you can get loads of magazines on 5 separate devices.
It has most of the car ones, Classic and Sports Car, Autosport, Classic Cars. It doesn't have Motor Sport or stuff from Dennis Publishing. It has some really good american ones too, Street Rodder ect.
Saved me a fortune as I read most of these!
Yesterday I went to my local bookstore to pick up this copy, but unfortunately the august copy was already in store and this july edition was no longer available :-(