Mr. Speaker,,,"Moderator"!

The President of United States,,,,,,,,,,Barak HUSSEIN Obama:drunk:

ALL OOOOOOOLD white Men (NOT young people or white women,,,LOL):thumbsup:

Pack up your bags and head on back to Europe. The country is getting "Darker and Darker". Your grand kids, DO NOT listen to your tired old crap anymore. And worst yet,,,,they are having children with "little Iron Sheiks":laugh:

My condolence to all the RED (NECK) States,,,,,,,,looks like Joseph Smith and his "cult", could not come up with a miracle.:stunned:

This message is coming to you from your future home,,,,where else?? Europe (LOL)
Joseph Smith!? I cannot thank South Park enough, for explaining the origins of the Mormon Reliion to me.
Hey Fahrad my Iranian brother!

Glad to see you are still around and stirring up trouble :)

I see that your old GTD is up for auction on eBay too!


Hello to all my brethrens ,,,,,,I am doing good, riding bikes and teasing fanatics all over the map.

Only fools think “their guy” won, and Morons are the ones that weep for their fallen flunky.
“We, the people” are not in charge of ANYTHING. The only time people are in charge, is when there is a revolution/revolt. And then, we kill one another (LOL)

Which religious IDIOT said God created man in his image? !:shifty:
Well In our nations short existence we have a history of going back and forth with these temporarily appointed clowns, that being said, I much like my founding fathers can easily justify killing when there is a valid threat to my liberty....