My Texas Title Experiance

For those of you in Texas who have yet to title their cars, I just titled and registered my car here as a custom car Replica. It could not have been easier!! I just faithfully followed the instructions for a later model Replica (vs the pre 50s ). The biggest deal is I had to get a one time inspection by an ASE master mechanic (Monkey Mug Motors in Houston who were super easy on me) The Key is I said the car is a replica of a 1989 Mercedes C9. Pictures look just like it. I used the VIN that RCR gave me and I stamped it on a strip of aluminum that I affixed to the frame with two sided tape because the inspector said the car had to have a VIN on the chassis. I took pictures of my stamped VIN and of the engine gm part number label sticker which I told the DMV was the engine serial number. Was an absolute piece of cake at DMV. In and out in 30 min! The real benefit is that a Custom Replica does not require annual inspection and you get a custom plate. Mine is GUAPO1.

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Interesting post!
So what is the Year / Make / Model - listed on your new title?
I'm going to be registering my car at the end of this month in the CS area, finding this post relieved my fears. Does anyone know the downside of having a custom vehicle plate though?
Cam - Tried to PM you but your mailbox is full. I am also interested in how you only payed $75. I am registering my SLC in march and would like to know the difference in registering as a Late Model Replica or a SLC Kit Car.
i went the vtr 68a route, self assembled. Once a month on 2425 Gravel Drive, fort Worth they will inspect the serial number of your engine and tranny vs. your bill of sale to make sure its not stolen. After that they sent me to the DMV who gave ma a 30 day pass to get it inspected. they only charged me $75 once inspected, but that was back in 2011. it may have changed.
Did I mis-read what you typed? They (TXDOT?) inspect your car once a month to verify serial numbers?
I think he means the facility will perform this procedure once a month for anyone who needs it completed. I don’t think he means his vehicle needs inspection once a month indefinitely.
Regarding titling a SLC as a replica of the 1989 Mercedes C9, I would add this note of caution:

From the Texas DMV, Assembled Vehicle Manual Page 2-6:

"A vehicle designed by a manufacturer for on-track racing is not eligible for title. While these vehicles may have enhanced safety features for occupants of the vehicle, they post a risk to the general public and rarely meet all of the federally required safety standards."

Since the C9 is a race car, proceed at your own risk if obtaining replica tags this way.
So, TxDOT will issue you a 30 day paper plate? This allows you enough time to get you car inspected, ect. I guess its worth a shot to try and title as the 1989 Mercedes C9. If it does not work, just set up an LLC in Montana and register out of state.