Mystery Front Uprights

Hi there,

I am hoping someone might be able to help me... I am building a gt40 replica using an unknown kitset. I do not know the origin of the kitset or the donor vehicle(s) used for parts.

Attached are a couple of pictures of one of the front uprights, does anyone recognise what they are from? I am having difficulty tracking down front brake components think it would be much easier if I knew what model parts to look for!

Thanks in advance!


IMG_20140621_125931 (Large).jpg

IMG_20140621_125916 (Large).jpg
Hi Stev,

they look abit like aussie Cortina ,not sure whether they came in 5 stud though I have 4 stud spares for my car adapted to take holden monaro hubs.maybe the six cylinder cars had 5 stud.

cheers Ali
Mitsubishi L200 2wd ute & similar spec vans ~1990> I think, if thats a 5x 4.5" pcd wheel stud pattern-same as most falcons & 5 stud toyotas, not 100% sure though. BTW if they are mitsi check whether they are meant to be front or rear orientation for the steering arm, a lot of hot rod guys have stuffed up by fitting them back to front & getting a bad dose of bump steer & crap ackerman effect.
Look identical to Granada Mk2 or Cortina

eg these are mine

AFAICT the only difference between Granada and Cortina is the geometry.