new book

Just finished Burt Levy's new novel, "Red Reign". This is a fictionalized adaptation of the era in GT racing we all know and love- the sixties, and has as a main plot thread the Ford efforts to win international motor races in order to 1) sell cars 2) have fun 3) boost their name 4) have fun 5) gain market share 6) have fun.

I recommend this highly. It's a good read, Levy knows his stuff, despite describing himself as a bullshitter and moocher- he's really way better than that- and we haven't even gotten into the real meat of the Ford v. Ferrari duels. I don't know when the next volume in this series comes out, but I'm definitely going to buy it. The only problem I'm running into is that Levy writes slower than I read. :)

Happy holidays, everyone, and a prosperous and healthy New Year for all of us, ya hear?
I have all of Bert's books, sweatshirt and stickers "The Last Open Road".
He's a great and funny guy. The books are terriffic! He's busy racing in vintage events too.