New GT40 is for real

I think we need to wait until they announce the spec, price and production numbers before we can really speculate on what will happen.


I've given my opinion before, but for those
who are new to the forum...

Unless Ford does something stupid like attempt to shut down GT40 replica sales,
the raising of the public's awareness of
the GT40 can only help the GT40 replica

By that I mean the number of people who decide to buy a GT40 replica will definitely
increase, since more people will recognize
what it is and appreciate it's styling and
performance. I'll bet that most of the people that plop down $ 100k (or more) for
the new Ford GT40 are not "replica" buyers,
but Ferrari/Porsche buyers who change their mind.



Unlikely to have significant effect on the UK replica market as the price banding is miles apart.


Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
I understand that Ford sold the rights to the GT40 name to Safir back in the '70s, & that a deal was done a couple of months ago for Safir to allow Ford to use the name for its concept cars (Safir gets the second show car - white with blue stripes). J Mays (Ford design boss) negotiated the deal, but has only been quoted as saying "No Problem" when asked about the use of the name for a short production run. All the info I can find on this refers to Ford's "re-use" of the name, not its "purchase". Hopefully, this means that control is still in the hands of Safir, who I assume, would continue to allow the use of the name by other replica manufacturers.

Given the rumoured price of US$100k, I don't think that the replica makers would be stealing potential Ford customers. Also, I have heard that the production run may be limited to 100 cars - if that is the case, the "street price" is likely to skyrocket, further separating the 2 customer groups.

Provided that some idiot lawyer doesn't encourage Ford to "spit the dummy" like Ferrari did with the Daytona replicas, the presence of replica '40s on the road can only benefit Ford. The rich guys will see a replica & wheel into their Ford dealer to ask about it. Instead of being presented with a blank look / slack jaw / "can I interest you in an Explorer ?", they will be able to actually order one - talk about free marketing !
The story in the local paper stated that Ford intend to build 100 cars PER YEAR, and sell them at a 3 digit (US Dollars) figure. The first Cars won't roll off the line till mid next year. That is if you can believe everything you read.

For what its worth, I think it will help the replica market, but it will also mean that our cars will also become "relatively" more common given its new higher profile.

You made some very good points, but rasied some questions as well.

CAV, DRB, NZ Replication, and possibly Roaring Forties all sell 'turnkey minus' cars for export to the U.S. Wouldn't those cars be in direct competition with Ford? I can see the marketing now:

"Why buy a not very authentic reproduction from Ford, when you can buy a GT40 that is 99.9% accurate to the original, handles better, is faster, and less expensive from _______?"

Could Ford go after these manufacturues in court?

I guess we need to take a 'wait and see' attitude instead of speculating on what might happen as Martin suggested.

-Bill D
Bill D,

Isn't this new "GT43.5" just another poor,
more expensive, high tech reproduction of the MK1?
It reminds me of the Lone Star LS40, not aesthetically true to the original marque.
High tech is not why we all fell in love
with GT40's!
Ford is stealing the GT40 name to put on an entirely different animal. Let them do it. Anyone with the least bit of good taste will go for a good MK1 replica. In this case,
older is better!
As far as the effect on the replica market,
only time will tell.




You are right on! Different clienteles involved. Unless Ford bungles the job,
(always a possibility)this car will definitely result in more GT40 replicas
hitting the road. And that's a good thing!



If ford builds this car, it will be built with all the regulations that are in force today. That means safety, polution controls etc, etc, etc,
It seems to me that Ford will be producing this car as a real loss leader to celebrate their 100 years. If as has been reported they intend to build 100 of these that's 10 million at a possible sale price of $100,000 each. I am not a cost accountant but car companies seem to spend 10 million on a tail light upgrade, so this is a feel good idea in a time of large retrenchments and plant closures.

Ron Earp

I agree with a lot of you, that the new car comes up short for OUR perspective. But our perspective is that of folks who like cars, like to build cars, like to build motors, and like to tinker with things and, oh my gosh, might actually take the things out and race them.

The new car is about none of this.

From the other side of things - that is, the car is to re-create a historic car for modern consumer consumption, with modern features, and to compete with modern supercars it is a winner - no doubt. But it is definitely targeted to a different audience.

The folks that buy the new one aren't going to take it apart and constantly improve it, probably won't race it, and will probably just take them for Sunday drives and sit around and look at it.

Still, I like the car and give a lot of credit to Ford for going ahead with production - they've needed something like this since forever.

Just my 2 cents, there it is.