New GT40 Website & Dealer Appointement Annoucement

GT40 NZ has a new website which will be changed from the pre-release live area of to our home page of very soon.

We are proud to announce the appointment of dealer partners Alain Vanhollebeke - Kansas and surrounding States, Denis Laliberte – New England and surrounding States and Dieter Messmer – Switzerland.

We see a strong dealer base as a key support issue for the comfort of local buyers so all sales will be direct via our dealers. The dealers will supply and undertake build or service work as you would normally expect.

In other countries we will deal directly until we appoint an appropriate partner in that area.

The website will be upgrade constantly over the next weeks. will be brought online in support of our main site very shortly and will feature parts for our cars and generic GT40 performance products. You will be able to order via the web and have them delivered locally or drop into your local dealer.

Any comments are very welcome. Thank you.
The web site looks nice, Dave!

I'm curious about the turbo option...have you fabricated any turbo manifolds yet? What turbo(s) are you using? Any pics you can share with us?
Thank you Mark. The answer is I will have pics shortly.

The solution has been manufactured by GT40NZ using OEM internals as used in a nearly indestructable Japanese vehicle. We are doing "dual plate" manifold turbo headers into collectors and probably using Air to Fluid intercoolers but we will test both that and Air to Air in trials.

As NZ has a lot of "Boy Racer" big horsepower Japanses cars turbo technology is well known in NZ.

Maybe not everyones cup of tea its a way of getting increased horsepower and torque on a mid boost with out breaking the bank or getting 5-600 Hp now!!
I'm glad to see you are going the dealer route, especially with the likes of Alain. I have never met him face to face but I've known him through this and other forums we both frequent. He is a straight up guy and highly enthusiastic about performance cars. I wish you all the best. The way I see it, the more the merrier.


PS.. That's a great new site too.
Is there anyone in northeast ohio with a GT40 willing to accept a visit from a fellow kit builder (cobra) to see a GT40? I am getting the urge to build one, starting all the research, but have never sat in one. I am concerned if I can fit, I am 6'1"....thanks.
Hi Mike,
Welcome to the forum. I don't know of anyone in that area that has a GT40 kit. If you have some time you might want to come down to London, Ohio on June 20 thru the 23rd for the Double Venom Spring Fling. There will be over 300 Cobras and several GT40's. I will be more than happy to let you try my GT40 on for size. If you plan to come send an e mail and I will give you my cell phone number so you can reach me.


If I am home you can count on me being there...I am scheduled to be away for work at that time..but that is not for sure. In fact, that last day, the monday 23rd. I will be home. will you be staying through that day? I can't bring my Cobra because I am still waiting for the state inspection (june 26) to make it legal to drive.. It is done, and frustrating to be waiting on an inspection to get plates. Anyways, let me know if you will be there monday and then I will email you to get the number.
What kit do you have? what drivetrain?

Cancel that last bit of the post...I see you have a RFGT and I see the drivetrain there...I am just getting used to the forum...
email me with your phone number if you want hersh.
Thanks for the kind words, Hersh.

Dave & his crew have really taken the NZ car to a new level, and are developing some exciting new products.

If you are traveling through Kansas on your way to the "spring fling",, feel free to stop by and say hello.