New(Lola) Member from Oregon

Hello from Newberg, Or. I'm Frank and have ordered a Lola T70 Coupe from RCR. The plan is to drop an LS3 500 HP carb'd lump from The Engine Factory backed by a G50 transaxle from Gbox. Any comments on my choices will be appreciated.
I do have the first of many questions. I orderd the "new" Lola-style wheels from RCR. However, I have not been able to get a reply as to what the wheel dimensions are. Does anyone know for sure if there are 8x15 and 10X15? Before I buy the Avons, I need to confirm this.
Very cool, congratulations on the purchase! I was also considering the Lola until I spoke to Fran. Now I changed my mind and looking at the SL-C. I'm about a year away from purchase but really looking forward to following your progress! How far from the Seattle area is Newberg?