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Hi everyone. My name is Tom, and I'm looking for information about a transmission I recently came into ownership of. I know next to nothing about them except what I've found in some preliminary Google searching. I was hoping this community could tell me what they came in, what they're worth, where any reputable shops are that would be able to go through it for me, etc... It is a ZF 5DS-25-2 transaxle. I've posted pictures of all the tags, stamps, numbers, etc... That I could find on it. Thank you all!


Ron McCall

Tom ,

That transaxle came from a DeTomaso Pantera . I would say ,from the id # , most likely a 1972. In its current configuration It is not well suited for a GT40. To be used In a GT40, It will need to be completely disassembled, have oiling modifications performed, have the differential flipped and the bottom plate replaced with a plate with mounting ears.
This should absolutely be done by an expert. Someone who is intimately familiar with that unit.



Hello Tom. I'm also in Tucson, AZ- out west near Three Points in Diamond Bell Ranch. I used a Porsche G50 transaxle in my homebuilt mid-engine sports racer rather than a ZF but here is what I'd recommend you do first. Have your ZF cleaned up on the outside by blasting it with plastic media, walnut shells, or soda. Don't have it sandblasted, that's too abrasive. The three methods I suggested will leave your ZF looking like it was shipped from the factory.
Ron, Thank you for your reply, it is very informative!

Neil, I will definitely look into blasting it clean. I was going to give it a good bath in simple green or purple power to try and get the bulk of the grime off of it. I will pick up some blast media (not sand) as soon as I can and clean it up.

I am not really sure if I can use this transaxle for any of my current (or future) projects. Does any one know of any shops that may be able to go through it in the southern AZ region to verify that everything is good? I am really contemplating selling it. Also, does anyone have any idea what these things go for?