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Hello My name is Mark Simpson, I have recently purchased an unfinished Tornado project and will be starting the build when the weather improves and I can find a home the Lotus that is already in my garage.
I have already spent many hours perusing this forum which has proved a valuable source of information and opinion. I hope I can contribute when I have something interesting to say or show.
Like many the people on this site I have dreamed of owning a GT40 since I was a child. A drawing of a GT40 at Le Mans was part of my submission for my Art O level exam, that was 40 years ago. This is a long held dream, I hope I can do the project justice.

BTW Tristram is my middle name, all the combinations of Mark seem to be taken.
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hi Tris welcome along m8 ...... My Tornado is being IVA tested ....{retest} next wed
This is a great site to belong too a mind of information .
Good luck with your build m8 ...

Hello John, thanks for the welcome
I would be interested to know what steps you have needed to go through to pass the SVA, I hear it can be hard work. I have a while to go, but forewarned....

Eddy McClements

Hi Mark

You're in the same boat as me...I got my first GT40 (Airfix!) aged 7 in 1971 and have loved them ever since. I have just been to collect a Southern chassis and panels, and am starting to piece it all together. Which part of the country are you in?

Best of luck!