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I just registered tonight. I am current owner of GT-R and Allan Uzwiak will be managing the build. I look forward to continue to monitor all you builders out there and garner some ideas. I live in Northern New Jersey should there be any other RCR owners out there. Registration here is going to be a challenge. I have all the plans in place. Can't wait to see what goes wrong........
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John good evening my name is Larry and I just took delivery myself of a GTR on Monday my build thread is Fat Larry's GTR Build I live right in Langhorne Pa and another owner Jared lives in West Chester Pa. You are defently in great hands with Allan I have been up to his house I think three times now he does really nice work and after building I think 22 cars he should have it down I would also look at Andy or H as I call him he worked with the Robertson Family on the race cars and he also does some amazing work. I think everyone on this build site has something to offer and that's why I enjoy looking at it every day in my private office during break ( bathrroom) I don' know how Jersey is but I completed two different kit builds recently and obtaining a title and registration was not hard at all, John just sit back and have fun
Hey Larry! How do you do? Thank you for reaching out. Bought my first car at Reedman's Chevrolet a lonnnnnng time ago.I was not aware that you were so close by or did I know that Jared is right next door. At Fran's recommendation, I contacted Allan last summer and started the process of knowledge gathering. He was immensely helpful and his portfolio of 22 cars is impressive for sure. I too have been to his facility 3 times and have observed and looked over closely his own GT-R. I have also seen the 3 SLC LT-4's that he has recently finished. He truly is amazing. The H build has also garnered a lot of my attention. With the Robertsons, he got this whole thing started! Thank you for introducing yourself and I hope to keep in touch frequently. Not being a builder, I am struggling with how I can be value added on the site, but will try to figure something out. Thank you again and LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN. I expect delivery in 2-weeks or so.
John delivery from RCR to Allan I assume. Yeah we were trying to maybe ship all three cars at once but it didn't work Alllan also has an Aero coming that should be neat to see in person.