New RCR 40 Build in Texas

Well I figured that it's about time to finally do an intro thread as I recently took delivery of my RCR 40. I'm located in Bryan, Texas and this will be my second build (third if you count a motorcycle I did). I started looking through this forum after finishing my Factory Five Cobra build in December of 2017. The Cobra took my wife and I about a year and a half to complete and we had a great time building it and produced a very high level car that turns heads everywhere we take it. I'd always wanted a GT40 so I started looking around and eventually decided on RCR. I then talked my wife into the crazy idea of building another car and I ordered my RCR 40 deluxe plus in July of last year and took delivery last weekend. I also ordered a 302 from Craft Performance as they did a great job on my 427 for my Cobra, and I ordered a ZF Transaxle from RBT. I'm really looking forward to this build and I plan on doing a build thread as well. I've been contacting many of the forum members over the months spent waiting to receive my 40 and I greatly appreciate their willingness to help with my planning.

Cobra Build Video




Howard Jones

GT40s Supporter
Welcome to the Texas GT40 community. I'm over in New Braunfels. Bryan would make a nice drive over and back, maybe we can get together at some point. Start a build thread. I love to follow builds.