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Hello to all! I recently acquired a unique (to me) GT40 replica built using an 87 Fiero. The body is said to be cast from a very early Lola GT40 pre Mk I cars. Members of this forum may know more about this car than I being that it was built back in 2004 by a guy called V8Archie and has been around awhile, it is one of two built. There is an old public access TV show online that has 60 minutes dedicated to this car. It shoes how a custom frame was constructed using the engine carriage and drivers compartment of the fiero, the rest is custom fabricated incorporating A arms and coil over suspension all 4 corners. The car was also the cover of a 2004 issue of Kit Car Builder. The car has needed some basic work but appears it can became a fun driver having working AC, Heat and defrost. I imagine most may consider this car a bastard among GT40 replica's and many do not like the car, but I like the unique out of the unique so to speak. I hope to meet some nice car owners on this forum as I have on forums for other car marque's that I own and have owned.
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That is hands down THEE best looking Fiero-based (somewhat anyway) GT40 replica I've ever seen.