New to GT40s in Hampshire, UK

Good morning, all. I'm (since Saturday) the owner of a MDA GT40, factory built, so I am told. It's in 1075 colours with a 347 stroker and d/d injection, Quaife modified UN1 with LSD. I've been waiting to find a car for some time and finally took the plunge.

So far I've had a nerve-testing run home (about 70 miles) which highlighted a couple of issues - an imprecise gear change and a fuel pump which, once home, appears to have gone u/s. The gear change can wait, but anyone with insight into how MDA would have installed the fuel pump would be gratefully received - so far it appears that the pump is in the tank (?) but there seem no access panels, unless I start peeling off a rivetted section behind the near side trailing arm pick up point. Any advice?

Look forward to attending some of the Meon and Cobham meets in due time, once I get the car running again!!


Mark, welcome to the forum and you will find there are quite a few GT40 owners not far from you. As for the MDA, I can offer the following advice. If the gear change is cable drive rather than linkage I had similar issues with mine and have a few things to advise you on that should fix it. I would be very surprised if the fuel pumps are in the tanks on an MDA. Mine are in the engine bay, just behind the passenger (nearside). You can see the fuel filters which are just above the pumps in the attached photo on the left side just behind the suspension. Send me a private message if you need to have a more in depth chat, or come and pour over mine anytime. I am in Torquay.


Hi Mark,

I have an MDA which is nearing completion. It's at Southern GT in Southampton at the moment getting ready for IVA.
I very much doubt the pumps will be in the tank. If they're not visible behind the bulkhead, they maybe in the sill just behind the tanks.
If you're gearchange is rod, I would get some advise from Mick Sollis. MDA rod linkages are not great. They used big old stearring column joints which I've had replaced with much smaller helicopter joints. Depending on what gearbox you have, you may also have an issue getting into gear at all, as the lever mechanism is not best positioned either.
I'll help where I can and you are more than welcome to see my car.

My daughter (well, her husband, actually) is at RAF Odiham, probably not 1,000 miles from you.
I'd welcome the opportunity to look at '40 internals on my next trip over to see the grand daughters.
Send me an e-mail and we'll arrange to meet up.
Hello Mark.. if this was the car sold by Mole Valley TVR, then someone, perhaps you, asked me about it. Although I don't know the car, I tried to send the enquirer an email, but it bounced back twice. I didn't wish to appear rude by not responding, but it was impossible. If not already, please join the GT40 Enthusiasts Club and drive your lovely GT40 at Le Mans Classic this year. Details and booking form on GT40 Enthusiasts Club - Front Page Finally, if you cannot see the pumps, then they are probably in the sill behind the nearside tank. Regards.. Andrew (Chairman)
Andrew, thanks for the message. It is the Mole Valley car and indeed I have already joined up and signed up for Le Mans Classic in July. I look forward to meeting up in the near future. Thanks for the steer on the pump(s).