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Being new to the GT40 fold and the forum I would like to find out more about the various models, I will be collecting my GT40 body from CAV in Cape Town next weekend.A reference to a link or book on amazon would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
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Hi Allan

Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.

I was hoping that someone could refer me to a book/link/anything where I could read up/look up the differences in body styles/changes as production progressed from the MKI to I believe the MK IV.

I have been into Chev Corvairs for the past 20 yrs.

I have bought a CAV "Proto type" body from Jordi in Cape Town. It was rejected due to "moulding" imperfections incurred during the "vacuum moulding" process. Jordi explained that they are in the process of "ironing out" the vacuum moulding issues.

From what I can see now that I have very crudely propped the pieces against each other the rear seems to be a "wide body" kit. Rear wheel arches are very flared, not exactly what I wanted. This car will be a daily driver and not a track car.

My approach was to build a replica which most closely represents either a MK I, II, III or IV, with what I have. I am in no way a purist and this will be a scratch-build to suite my pocket. No knock-off wheels, regular induction system etc.

Have ordered the Haynes GT40 manual as a guideline to see how things fit together "generally". I tried Tornado sports cars as they sell a build manual with their "flat-pack kits", quite understandably they declined my request to purchase a manual only.

I know nothing about GT40's other than many hrs spent reading up on the Powertrain/ Transaxle section. Am hoping to start my build thread this weekend by posting some pictures of the body panels.

I look forward to any advise/response from anyone who can assist me.

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Ian Anderson

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Hi Ian
Thank you kindly for the pointers, really appreciated, will definitely follow up on the leads.
Thank you and kind regards
Like Ian says you need a build manual. The original bodywork side is my thing. The body you have with the wide rear arches is based on the original MKI 1964-1969 small block. The wide rear arches relate to the originals 1968 specs when the JWAE Gulf cars won Le Mans twice 1968 and 1969. For this type of bodywork see on the internet JWAE Gulf GT40's GT40P/1075 was the chassis number for the double winner. Most of the kits are based on the 1965 (see GT40P/1006 the first GT40 with the Len Bailey designed front clip) defined GT40 this has a narrow rear and twin nostrils in the front clip. The Gulf cars had the wider bodies and had open front clip hatches.
Tom see the MKII this was the big block GT40's from 1965-67 The 1966 Le Mans winner was GT40P/1046 This had a different front and back clams from the MKI The most notable features were bumps obver the front wheel arches an hinged frint hatch and two inlet ducts on above the other behind both sides of the car merging on the rear deck.
The 1967 MKIII was a road car that only seven were produced this had completely different front and back clams
The MKIV was not a GT40 even though Ford call it that it evolved in 1967 from the unsuccessful 1966 J-car and had a honeycomb chassis the bodywork was completely different! The only things in common with the 1967 Ford MKII was the 427 engine and T-44 transaxle!
The MKV was a continuation GT40 with a modified chassis built in the late eighties.
There was also a GT40 variant also raced by JWAE called the 1967 Mirage M1 but the bodywork is much more streamlined.

I suggest if you cannot find anything on the internet Ronnie Spains book GT40 Trevor Legate GT40 or John Allen and Gordon Jones books the Ford that beat Ferrari should be seen if not bought (They can be expensive)
Regards Allan
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