Nicks Forte Scratch Build

The ND40 Forte

Sorry for the screw up on the pics.

Had a real blast at Jayson's Yesterday talking GT Forte and drooling over his mates 20 year old Tornado hybrid. Not much Tornado remaining as upgrades everywhere.

Yisa was dressed to impress, only a co-incidence she was colour coded to the car, no idea it was going to be there. But it did look good. ;-)

Nick D.


Made some good progress this week, managed to fit my Rear Wilwood 4 pots and also the mechanical Wilwood MC4's.

Also managed to test fit the front Rad with Fans, all looking good afor a few hours well spent.

Amazing what a few days sunny weather and some renewed enthusiasm can achieve ;-)

With the 4 corners almost done, should have the wet service lines in and dusted within a fortnight.




Hi Everyone,

A rather frustrating Easter Sunday where absolutely noting seemed to go right first time. I'm sure you have all been there ;-(

Set out with the modest task of fitting my nearside rear and getting it on a par with the offside, anyway, long story short, part of the way there after about 6 hours of stupid agro. The kind where you spend 30 minutes looking for something you know is in the garage and you only saw last week, but can you find it ;-(

Still, by close Tomorrow I hope to have the rear end almost finished.

Hope you have all done better than me this Easter break ;-)



know what your saying Nick ......... Was going to run my engine and cam in over this weekend .... Only to find I have a cracked fuel bowl on my Holley .......... Fuel all over the top of my engine .. Bugger ...
Spent a good few hours Today getting the rear end dotted and crossed. Have all the major bits in place now and looking good. The brakes were a nightmare but I reckon they are good to go.

Have all the shims and misalignment spacers in place and she does feel nice and tight, no movement or give anywhere. - well chuffed ;-)

After this weekend, that's all 4 corners on so the services go in next prior to the engine and transaxle.

Fingers crossed it'll be easier sailing from here on in ;-)



The kind where you spend 30 minutes looking for something you know is in the garage and you only saw last week, but can you find it ;-(

Yeah & when you saw it you though "oh good that's where that is. I'm going to need that soon". But bugger all you can't remember where it was LOL No never been there at all LOL!!!!!!!!
Hi Everyone,

Following on from my last Post, have finally got to grips with the GTS Forte Cooling, I have my centre pipes all test fitted and I'm actually chuffed it all seems to have worked out.

Everything was based around my Battery position which is front and centre which limits how much flexibility I had. Also given Right Hand Drive, the driver side of the Rack leaves no room to run a pipe under so my pipe takes a sharp turn and runs across the car behind where the battery will be before turning back for a straight run down the tunnel.

The Run for my Red (hot water to the Rad) has a simpler run. It runs under the rack, turns back towards the centre tunnel and right angles up a little allowing the second pipe to run on-top of the first. (Ran out of Red 90 degree pipe so used a blue one for this as it will all be hidden.

Hope the pics clarify it.

My Ally pipes are all 38mm OD.

Please note that when I went to offer my Silicon pipes up to my Winner Rad, the ally pipes on the Rad in and out are only 35mm OD so the Blue and Red 90 degree pipes that attach to the Rad are 35-38mm conversion.

Progress being made again at last, the British Summer helps ! (If you blinked reading this, your probably missed our summer)




Had a great day Today finally getting to grips with one of those awkward jobs that I didn't fancy doing (ever since I accidentally trod on my first rear bulkhead window). Took a full 6 hours from start to end from cutting the ally panel and stacks of fettling to finally get the SGT Window and rubber surround into place. Ended with with the wife and I with the ally panel, rubber and glass along with water and washing up liquid all on the kitchen table trying to coax it all into place without wrecking another £175 rear window. (I could have filled a swear box during that last 30 minutes ;-(

All turned out well, going to rivet the panel in place Tomorrow and that's another job ticked off ;-)


As I'm concentrating on light jobs at the moment, (Shoulder and Knee really giving me some jip). I finished fitting the silent coat to the inner wall of the rear bulkhead. I've got a relatively tame 300HP plus lump at the back but this should help reduce a lot of the noise and most rattles in the cabin.

The lower section is 4mm ally so I don't expect that to vibrate too much so may leave as is ;-)

Finally starting to feel like real progress is being made and I'm finally ticking jobs off that are done and dusted and are no longer a work in progress.

Next, get my Southern GT (IVA Approved) steering column in finish the dashboard.




Its been almost a month getting down to bits and bobs buts progress is finally being made. Fitted my Southern GT steering column to my Forte chassis and followed that with finalising my pedal box and Seating position allowing me to spot my preferred shifter position shortly to be followed by my hand brake. Fits like a glove ;-).

I chose quite a rearward gear shift position as its was so reminiscent to my old FF1600 racing days back in the late 80's, anything else wouldn't seem right ;-)

Most of my silent coat sound proofing in place also.

(What a difference a month makes)

Nick D


Hi Nick,
Glad to see your making progress on your '40
With your shifter in your preffered position, make sure that it doesn't effect getting in and out of the car. Mine's as far forward as practical, but still falls naturally to hand, but still I end up catching my trouser leg on it!
Birth of the ND40 (Forte - Scratch Build)

ts been a while since my last update but progress has been made on many fronts. Including getting the engine almost ready for a test fitting. A few things I know will have to change (the blue silicon pipe on the Thermostat housing won't point forward like that in reality). Alternator and A/C compressor mounts are also temporary at this time.

Had to modify the sump I purchased to fit a did stick to it as I had completely overlooked the position on the block and didn't want to change the timing cover but jobs are slowly being ticked off, hopefully never to be re-visited.

Will hopefully have the Audi 01x mated next weekend and will then try a test fit as I haven't as yet finalised the engine mounts for front,back / vertical position.

A few pics attached, more over the xmas break I hope.


As usual, much slower than planned and the recent UK cold weather didn't help. Have made progress on so many fronts over the last 3 months given the conditions.

Have the Spyder positioned nicely, gear shifter re-positioned more forward than previously and the hand brake is now where I want it.

I'm a short arse at only 5'5" but wanted moveable seats so finally slotted in the Drivers side (UK) tonight and took a first proper sit inside. Snug indeed, pedals rights, steering right, anchor points for the rear seat belt straps all seem to come together nicely. Slowgress to progress courtesy of a warmer garage ;-)

Nick D.


Plenty of work going on quietly behind the scenes. Just finishing the cabin internals before moving onto the engine and gearbox. All in all, quite happy with the build as it progresses.

Starting to feel more like a car chassis than a Meccano set ;-)


Hi Nick,
Not sure if you are aware but there are further amendments in the pipeline to the IVA regs ...... it's available in Draft form now. Probably a good idea to have a read and keep your eye on what gets implemented.
There is no question that test stations are already getting tougher, particularly on tiny little things. Make sure you have proof that all the hoses on the car are suitable for purpose and are marked as such or make sure you have written proof. They can get very picky over braided brake lines.
Also make sure the rear fog light is wired in a manner to be compliant.
I'll keep a watch on your progress and tip you off if I see anything in your photo's that could be dodgy.