Nicks Forte Scratch Build


Hi Nick, this sounds really like a lot of work, but the results looks very nice. Does the coat also close smaller surface imperfections, as they occur around the weld seams?
Yep, it was a lot of work. If I did it again or if I have to touch up a pipe at some point, I would just have a 2 kilo watt heat gun blow down the pipe in isolation for 30 mins. That seems to cook them up very well.

As for tiny imperfections, it seems to close them but I would't bank on that as a solution.
Managed to test fit the offside sill Today and also installed the GT Racing gear shift translator onto the new shaft on the 01x. Will cut to length when i’m done but hope to complete the gearshift cable install Tomorrow. Also bolted on the inboard Audi to Ford CV joint adapters.


Actually, the job wasn't quite ticked off. when I tried to tune it a bit it was a little stiff up and down the gate but not across. Looking at the anchor point on the gearbox and thinking things through it didn't take long to work out why I was having a little trouble (resistance in the change) when going 1-2, 3-4 & 5-6 and visa versa. Long story short, made a small saddle to sit mid gearbox and provide a much better anchor point for when the translator threaded bar was only being used as a datum on which to anchor a push / pull point. (hope this makes sense). The previous off centre shorter mount position pic ( as suggested by the supplier along with other pre-existing mount points on the box, non optimum ) also included. Now its smooth as silk !


A little progress Today. For the 1st time i’m having a serious look at the body alignment. With the sills loosly in place and the Spyder also not bolted down, just trying the door fits. Have to mod the SGT door mounts Tomorrow as this is a Forte chassis but with a few mm here and there, looks like we are still on schedule for end of April engine start. (Dependant On knowing where exactly the exhausts need to exit the car so I can complete their build). As I live in a residential area, can’t possibly start her without exhaust pipes on.


Been almost a month now but plenty of work behind the scenes. Have more or less finished the cabin and have now test fitted the seats. Have spent quite a few hours getting the Spyder and the doors in to an ideal position. Not quite done yet but shooting for an engine start in about 6 weeks given a fair wind.


Excuse me in advance to embarrass you with my subject.
I have been in contact with Darren from GTFORTE since the end of 2017 and I have the impression of having fallen into a trap .. Let me explain, I paid a deposit on an order of several pieces and I received, several months later, a partial chassis kit. Today I really do not trust anymore I just want to recapture the overdrive of my back but I do not know how to do ... I am very sad to start a GT40 project like this. I am in the south of France and it is difficult for me to manage this subject from a distance.
Do you have an opinion or advice to give me?
Thank you in advance any help will be welcome.
I would have really liked to post on the construction of my GT40 but it does not seem obvious ..

Your GT40 is great!

sorry for my English...
Thank you
Engine pic was prior to cutting off the excess ally from the A/C compressor tensioner bar. Also having to pull the alternator in about 5mm. The Forte chassis is pretty tight so having to keep the ancillaries tight to the engine. No bad thing really.
Hi Nick what alternator bracket is that, and where did you get it from?


If I recall, it was purchased on eBay, link below:-

The lower tensioner I made myself from some sheet ally to replace the standard rod ended bar.

I just started following your build, looking good.
what make and model and where did you get your seats?
are the carbon fiber engine bay panels just carbon fiber or CF shinned aluminum?
thanks, Jim
I just started following your build, looking good.
what make and model and where did you get your seats?
are the carbon fiber engine bay panels just carbon fiber or CF shinned aluminum?
thanks, Jim
Hi Jim,

The seats are Intatrim. They are based in Telford, UK. Personally I regret selecting the GT40 embossed logo on them but they are great except for that. Good value compared with others I've seen.

No, the panels are not just CF. I originally went for CF Skinned Ally which I did myself but was never really happy with the finish. So, had that all flatted back a little and then had the lot done the Hydrographics way. They now look a million times better. If I was doing it again, would I bother, probably not but they do give the engine bay a nice look.

Nick D.
Another little milestone achieved Today as my driveshafts are now in. Having access to a Lathe and Mill it was relatively easy to make the inboard Audi Gearbox - Ford CV Joint adapters allowing me to stick with the standard ford 100mm throughout the drivetrain. The driveshafts are of unequal length given the Audi 01x is slightly asymetrical but these are available at a super price along with the 4xCV joints and all gators etc. from JandR in the UK. If the Clutch hydraulics pass the test on Saturday then the home made exhausts go back on and that's another step nearer the first engine test. Hopefully by end of Sept given a lady luck sticks with me ;-)