Randy V

If you want to embed images that are hosted elsewhere, I’m pretty sure you can do so via IMG links... Then there would be no limits that I am aware of...

Ron Earp

Staff member
Cool thing is that you can cut and paste images right into your post. Yep, try it, it works. Find an image and get it on your screen, copy it, maybe use Snipping Tool, and BAM!


Kirby Schrader

They're mostly silver
I am obviously missing something else..
In the old forum, I could ignore forums that I was not interested in.
I am getting everything now and can't find a way to let forums I don't care about go by the wayside.

Or is that no longer possible?

the search function seems to be down this morning.
was working last week and I had a list of results I was going through, which I had left open in a browser window. upon returning to my computer this morning after the weekend, I cant get the previous results to work nor generate any new searches.

Ron Earp

Staff member
Yes apparently we're too large for our current hosting package. We have to either pay more per month with the existing company or switch over to a new host entirely.

As for the other features, yes, some features are NLA but I think the new functionality heavily offsets those minor features.

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Premier Supporter
In the past the name to the left of the post showed location, I used to find this useful, but perhaps GDPR put an end to that.

Also supporter level seems to have changed slightly. Not a problem but I was also a lifetime supporter.


Mike Pass

Gold Supporter
Tried to attach an Excel spreadsheet. No go and got this message.
The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension.
Strange it won't accept the most common spreadsheet file.


Brian Kissel

Lifetime Premier Supporter
I'm with Ian. I was a silver supporter, and a lifetime supporter before the forum change. I currently only show as a silver supporter.

Regards Brian