Now is the time!

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Hello all,

If you are in a position to buy a GT40 replica, keep an eye on the US Dollar.

We believe exchange rates are most favorable now.

We have been in business going on 25 years and will be for the next 25!

Right now is a very good time to buy if you are positioned to do so.

Our purchase policy is simple, 20% down secures your order, the remaining funds are due upon shipment of your complete order.

No kits are shipped in a partial state, you recieve what you purchase.

Currently, lead time is 21 weeks.

Best regards,


Hi Scott, guess you mean the dollar is good for US guys as it was great for us Brits last year but has been steadiliy getting worse these last few months! :-( Good luck with the sales. In case you are interested my bank is predicting $1.60 to £1 within not too distant future so getting better for you US guys all the time.
Hi Malcom,

Yes, US or other customers whose currency may be up against the Pound, that are trying to decide what brand to purchase.

Our advisors also see further increases in the Dollar against the GBP.

Currently, 1 GBP = 1.46 USD

Another $700 has come off the top of our complete TS40 kit, now $40,250.

Almost $13,000 has come off the price since early August 08.

With the dollar continuing its rise in value against the GBP, buying a British replica makes more sense than ever.

Even in Europe our complete TS40 kit is currently priced 1,340 EURO below the competitions "Delux Plus", while actually being a complete car in a box.

A further benefit of buying a British kit and taking delivery in Europe, would be less expensive shipping costs!

Because of the stronger dollar the TS40 is now easily the least expensive and as always, best value on the market.

As an example current exchange prices in dollars are as follows below.

US Spec Kits

Basic Component Package

Standard $9,510

Deluxe $18,458

Deluxe Plus $24,215

Traditional Kits

Tornado TS40 Prices

Basic $8,418

Rolling Chassis $13,520

Deluxe Component $29,240

Complete Kit less engine & battery $40,250

Good news indeed!

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History is really happening right before our eyes.

Right now the GBP is hovering @ 1.438 and continuing its falling trend.

Since early August 2008, it has lost about 27% of its value against the USD.

If this rate continues, in a very short time we may see it reach its all time low of $1.05 (February 1985)

Stay tuned!

What happened to the US spec kits on the website? Are they still available packages?

If so, what are the GBP prices so we can keep track of them as the conversion rate falls?

Hey Devin,

We had to clean up our kit selection because of the two new chassis designs due to be released.

I can still put a US spec package together for you, give me a call (413) 977-4408.

With rates being what they are though I would seriously consider a complete kit. Its an amazing value.

Prices are posted in GBP on the Tornado web site;

The GBP is sliding again this morning. At $1.373, our complete space frame kit (27,595 GBP) is $37,916 USD.

Around $16,500 USD less than August 08.

Its like getting a free engine and paint!

Thanks Scott,

I've got to sell a house and move first before I get the chance to see what's left for starting my project. Hopefully the exchange rate will stay low throughout spring so I can take advantage of the terrific value it is to us in the U.S.

I wish I had shorted the GBP back in August!

I'd be on a beach in Tahiti with a couple of Pete's "Dilemma" girls right now :stunned:

Currently 1 GBP = 1.356 USD

Basic = $7,800

Roller = $12,540

Deluxe = $27,120

Complete = $37,450

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