Now is this wise?

Over 90,000 have been killed by conventional weapons, less than 500 with WMD. There are too many downsides, we don't know who we are arming and not if but when the arms will be used against us. The "red line" was crossed weeks ago. The moral of the story is , you shouldn't make "red lines" when you only intend to talk about it to get someone else to act on it.


Thanks for the clarification Jim. I clearly misunderstood. I guess I was affected by the news this morning that the administration does plan to arm the militias.
But to your point, I think Mr. Assad would be as hard to hit as was Mr. Castro and like Castro, "if you shoot the king, you had better kill him".
This situation is one where all the options are bad ones. Sadly, given the history of the regimes in the area, I do not see a reluctance to use chemical weapons if they believe
they will be decisive.
By the way, I need to forward you an email regarding Daytona 2013 if you are still interested. Can you PM me an e-mail address?

[ame=]Obama called "war criminal" & "hypocrite of the century" in Irish Parliament - YouTube[/ame]

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Hmmm, tough lady and tough questions. I have no idea which side of the political fence she sits but find that I agree with most of what she said.
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