NZ Gt40 Dave Harvey


I will like to add my two cents to Fran’s comment about NZ gt40, I don’t even have a gt40 kit or original, jet the support from Dave has been A1. His outfit is one that helps the enthusiast and not one that tells you, I can not sell you that upright because you are not building one of my kits. You may be building you own design and He is willing to help, or just perhaps replace the V6 on your Delorean with a V8, He will help you. One more thing, I have only purchased small items from Dave, but when I bought a set of rear clevis bolts I first received an email with a picture of the item that I was going to received and that was the exact part that I received.
Dave, I hope that your company continues to prosper and that you continue to help the little guy; I know I am starting to sound like a butt kisser but this is just the way I feel about a person that is willing to help.

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
I just bought a bellhousing to adapt a Renault trans to a 302 using standard Ford clutch and flywheel and all the trimings from Dave Harvey in Nz and I cannot say enough about his service.
The parts are first rate and the service always came with a smile.
Best of all I do not even have one of the NZGT40 cars and Dave was more than happy to supply me the parts with great service.
A true gentleman,
In the Gt40 world we are lucky to have guys like this.
Thanks again Dave.