Olds Intrigue steering column pinouts.

Ken Roberts

Here are the pin outs and schematics for the newest style of steering column sold with the SLC and GT-R. I'm not using this column but I thought I'd purchase the factory service manuals and upload these pages to help the RCR community out. I will keep the complete section in the manuals on the steering column in case anyone needs assistance.

Connector 201 (lights and horns)

Connector 203 (wipers)


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Your timing is perfect. Started looking at the wire layout this week. Thanks for posting it up.

Spot on! :thumbsup:

Ken Roberts

If you want to clean up the look of the column and eliminate any redundant wiring than I would suggest removing the #205 (cruise control) harness and the #215 (air bag harness).

The cruise control on the Olds Intrigue steering column has the cruise switches on the steering wheel. Also the air bag is on the factory steering wheel. Both circuits wiring harnesses leads up to the clock spring. You can just cut all the wires for these two circuits at the clock spring. The only wiring that needs to be saved at the clock spring is for the horn if you want to keep the horn button located on your aftermarket steering wheel.

The only two connectors and wiring to keep is the #201 connector (headlights, park lights, turn signals and horn) and the #203 connector (wipers).

Ken Roberts

I purchased a second Cadillac XLR column for my next RCR car only due to the fact I'm going to use a ZR1 instrument cluster and all ZR1 interior and engine wiring. The XLR column is very similar to the C6 Corvette column. The only difference is in the wiring for the wipers. The Cadillac had a raining sensing module and as a result a couple of wires are different.

If I was using the Factory Infinity wiring then the Olds Intrigue steering column would be perfect.

Stephan E.

Thank you sharing this info Ken,

I will be starting very soon on my electrical system. This will become handy.


Agreed, good info. My Infinity connector did not match up to this style of column and I had some challenges getting it working properly. Jay at Infinity now has this info and provided the following:

Connector Cavity
D = Ground (Black Wire)
F = Yellow/Red
G = Yellow/Black
K = Blue/Red
L = White/Green
R = Blue/Black
W = Ground (Black Wire)
X = Ground (Black Wire)
Z = Ground (Black Wire)

There also needs to be a diode installed between K(Blue/Red) and L (White/Green). The stripe on the diode (cathode) needs to go towards K (Blue/Red).



Hi everybody.
Does anyone know the thread size on the steering column, Olds intrigue?
Is it M14x1,5?
Never got one with the car.
Hey folks - trying to troubleshoot my column wiring.

I have the Olds steering column with the 12092249 style connector (left one shown in Ken’s first post).

I have power going to H and Z and have verified +12V with key to acc.

I have verified my horn works.

However my headlight/turn signal stalk seems to be non-responsive. Moving it to all positions yields no voltage from any output wires. Anything else I can try short of taking the stalk apart?