Original GT40 engine mounts


I noticed in some pictures of original GT40s that the engine mounts attachments to the chassis are not the same on both sides. On one side there is some clearance in the attachment to the chassis but I cannot figure out the technical purpose of such difference. Any detail in GT40 has usually good reasons, even if sometimes they are not obvious at my first sight.

Here is a link to an old post in James BuildLog to see a picture of them: https://www.gt40s.com/threads/jimmymac-alistairs-cars.26363/post-243506

In some other GT40 chassis pictures the engine mounts attachment looks the same on both sides (or the difference is not visible to my eyes).

Does anyone know something on the reason of such difference and if it belongs just to some models/construction years?
Hello, perhaps simply the block casting as one side will be further forward than the other one on a "V" engine.... and require adapted engine mountings...


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Good question mate. One side is slotted to avoid the oil filter adapter.
The sliding mounts which fit to those haunches in the photo are also different widths to avoid the same adapter.
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Good question, I'm am not quite up to that part. Have started at the front and am working my way back. I am drawing up the rear fire wall at the moment, engine bay next. The engine mounts are certainly off set from side to side.