Original GT40s at Classic Le Mans

Last weekend I went to the Classic Le Mans and decided to take a few pictures of the GT40s for GT40s.com
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Grid 4

Raceno. Driver Car Chassisno. Colour

# 30 Bellm GT40 # 1018 blue / white

This particular GT40 has also been lowered considerably, easy to spot when you get the chance to study the cars up close.

Grid 4

Raceno. Driver Car Chassisno. Colour

# 44 Gläsel GT40 # 1023 dark blue / white

I will also post some more detailed shots of the different cars later.

Hi John,
May I be the first to congratulate you on some awesome pictures, they are some of the best I have ever seen of 40s at Le Mans.
I hope you will keep them coming and remember to take more 40 shots and less Ferrari ones!
I love your euphemism that the Belm engine "seems to be running a lot smoother than the others" ......that is one way of putting it!
Well done.

Randy V

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That must have been an awesome visit.... I very much appreciate the nice photos and your time in preparing them and this post! I'm sure many others do as well...

Kirby Schrader

They're mostly silver
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Excellent pictures of some very nice machines.

Thanks for taking the time to show them to us!