FS USA Original halibrand mag wheels

I have the following original (not repro) 15" diameter Halibrand magnesium wheels available:

2 x 9-1/2" wide; 4-5/16" backspace, 3-5/16” hub, 9/16" peg hole diameter on 4-1/4" spacing.
2 x 11" wide; 4-5/8" backspace, 3-3/4” hub, 1/2" peg hole diameter on 4-1/4" spacing.
2 x 14" wide; 2-3/8" backspace, 4" hub, 5/8" peg hole diameter on 5" spacing.

"Backspace" is the measurement from the inside face of the center hub to the inside lip of the wheel.
"Hub" is the thickness of the center hub.
"Hole spacing" is the center-to-center spacing of the drive pin holes.

The 9-1/2" wheels are marked "9.500 x 15; GT40; M 425".
The 11" wheels are marked "Halibrand; 11.000 x 15; 1_____3". Someone (not me) wrote “Mk II GT40” on the inside of one of these wheels.
The 14" wheels are marked "14.0 x 15; 4 OFF".

Given differences in back spacing, drive peg hole diameter and spacing, etc., buyers should carefully evaluate what will work on their car. The 14" wheels are real monsters and may be from a 1960s CanAm or Indy car.

Asking $2500 for the 9-1/2" and 11" wheels sold as a four wheel set.
Asking $1,000 for the two 14" wheels.

Sold "as is" with buyer responsible for shipping from Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

Photos in this ad are in the following order: 9-1/2", 9-1/2" logo, 11", and 14". Contact me by email for more photos.

More original GT40 parts to follow including a ZF 5DS-25-0 transaxle, uprights, Gurney heads and intake, Ford heads, Ford blocks, Webers/Ford intake, and a bunch of small bits like mirrors, lights, etc.

Email: [email protected]


To all those who have been contacting me by PM or email about original GT40 parts, other than the Halibrand wheels that I listed above, that they are looking for, I would appreciate it if you would please cease and desist. When I have more parts to off load, I will post them on this website. Until then, please humor me with the courtesy of some patience. Thank you.