Very nice, you must be very excited to get it in your garage soon !

May I kindly ask you where did you (or the guys at CCD if you got the info) find this apparently like brand new switch fitted to this nice SW 240 fuel pump, ticking like a swiss watch... I'm crying to get such a switch in working order, to have my pair of pumps waking up (I have already only one nice switch, and the 2 others I have are done).

All the best with your car !
Thanks to all for your encouraging words. You cannot begin to understand how difficult and stressfull this has been at times! I would not fancy doing it again... although a race-damaged, but original AC Cobra Mk III, could be on the cards! Someone stop me please!!! I am holding a celebration party at home in Dorset at the end of September and will be inviting GT40 Enthusiasts Club members to come along for a cream tea Sunday. The Kent and Sussex Lotus Groups, are also coming over, as I'm a member along with my 1972 Lotus Europa TC. I'll announce the date on the club site later. P/1042 will also be at the NEC in Brum, in November, assuming the guys will have us. I've also had news from Cliff Durant, who is looking into the history when the car (1001), was being raced by Malaya Garage in Billingshurst, Surrey, UK, and know he's just waiting to receive some photographs from an retired mechanic who used to work there. One minor point of interest, was that I collect historical documents pertaining to the car, e.g. race programmes, photographs, memoriablia and old magazines. In one of thse mags, which smell old.. you know what I mean "musky", I found out that 1001 had not only broken down at 02:35 hours on the Sunday morning of the 1966 Le Mans race, but that it was due to transmission failure. This was a mag called the "Sporting Motorist" and also contained arcicles about light aircraft and power boats. Just a minor point, but one I didn't know before which makes this story so much more fascinating for me, at least. Regards.. Andrew
P.S. "Menacing motor".. well, if you listen again to the videos, then remember, that this is how it came out of Slough in 1966. Like the proverbial stick of Blackpool Rock, it has "FAV" right through the middle of it. For instance- someone recently asked me if "it's an original-spec camshaft"? I said "no".. as it's an original camshaft with "FAV" stamped on one end. So when you hear it running, it's how it would have sounded in 1966, not some modern, uprated, equivalent.
Just so we're clear Andrew, I meant the "menacing sound" as a compliment. I can only imagine when the throttle is heavily applied it will scare the crap or "threaten" the ears of anyone close by which in my humble opinion is a good thing.
No, I knew what you meant, and I agree.. ear pearcing!!! I've just had some very exciting photographs through from John Shand in NZ and with the help of my wife, Debbie, (the other half dozen wives are doing their hair tonight), i'll post them here later, so "please stay tuned to this channel folks".

Ian Anderson

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Looks extremely good Andrew
Now time to get it back in the Uk and organise an unveiling.

I will be there, including the 450 mile drive down from Edinburgh