P1049 The first Gulf Car

Love the sound of this car and of course its breathtaking looks. Gotta ask, is that a cigarette lighter (just right of the steering column) on the dash? If yes, you just have to love that period correctness! Sign of the times.


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The black knob left of the two is the dash dimmer, a rotary rheostat switch made by Lucas.
The chrome finished lighter knob at the right is not FAV issue. It should also be black. Probably replaced over time.
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Ron Scarboro

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Excuse my brain cramp. One lighter on the driver's side. My brain was doing rotary switches and my fingers doing cigarette lighters.


JimmyMac any idea what the dark blue paint code might be or who to contact to find out? Thanks.
It’s easy to ask the owners:

The REVS institute is set up specifically to share knowledge about cars generally. They will undoubtedly be more than happy to share info about a car they actually own....
Thanks Mike I got ahold of them and they should get back to me in a couple of days with the paint code. I've been looking for it for some time.