Paint Identification P1065

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What is the paint color for P1065? I like the semi worn look of this old style blue. The article says Azure Blue but is nothing like the modern azure blue. I cant post URLS or IMAGES yet. So please Type "P1065 Hemmings" in google to see the car.



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Tried Ford code L - M0892 - metallic ?
It could be a solid.
It's for a 1958 Fairlane but if the car is in it's original livery named as Azure Blue and was painted here in England then it might be a Ford Europe paint code.
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I would suggest you take the paint code to a local auto paint supplier. Ask him to mix the smallest amount he can make, usually half pint or a pint. Are you going to shoot single stag or base coat/clear coat? Make sure you get all the "stuff" to mix and spray your color. And Oh yes paint materials are expense!