Passenger Ride wanted for a lifelong fan...

Hi All,

I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me. I'm trying to arrange a passenger ride in a GT40 for my father who has loved the cars since he was a child. It needn't be anything dramatic, a run round the block as it were. I'm happy to provide beer, biscuits, cake, a donation to a charity etc and some cash for fuel.

I booked a track session with a company that apparently had a GT40 to drive only to be told on the day that it wasn't available, he had a ride in a Mustang instead but it wasn't quite what I had hoped.

We are based in South East UK on the Surrey/Hampshire border but are happy to travel a reasonable distance if anyone can help.



Just thought I'd drop a quick note, I'm in touch with Brian and have a date arranged shortly. John, thanks very much for your offer, your car looks amazing.


I just wanted to post a quick public note to say thanks ever so much to Brian. We met today in Newbury, we took a jaunt out to get tea and cake, my dad passenger in the GT40 and me following in my V8 Vantage. Excellent car chat and a dream fulfilled. Cheers Brian!
... so I think this thread would be better with some pics of your Dad and his dream being fulfilled!!! :D

Tim Terry

Had a similar situation recently. A good friend and former coworker brought his Father over to look at the cars. When it came time for them to leave, I offered to drive his Father back to his house and my friend to follow us. It was a great opportunity to give an older gearhead a nice ride. When we arrived at our destination, they kidded the 90 year old about him having difficulty getting out of the car. He corrected them: "It wasn't that it was so difficult. It was that I didn't WANT to get out!"