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I originally signed on to this site looking to pick a color for a Factory Five Cobra I had just finished building. Not knowing much about the GT40's..having never seen one I began lurking around and came across Jason's RCR40 build and that's when I decided I had to build one.
A short while later I placed my order with RCR last November 2019 and I took delivery a few weeks ago. I will try my best at a build log as time permits.
My experience is limited to my Factory Five builds of which I had no prior experience before that.

I will not be concerned with originality. It will be a street car for cruising and car shows and spirited driving.

My chassis is still in roller stage as received from RCR and is with Ron Randall at Metal Morphous for panel fitment and body work. I chose just to do the panel fitment and body work and put in primer first then have it returned to me to finish all the mechanicals and such including engine install. After everything is completed I will give it back to Ron for final paint.

Engine will be 427SB Ford with Borla Stacks from Prestige Motorsports. ( Expected delivery Tuesday 9/27 ) I will try and attach video.
Transaxle-Quaife QBE62G 5 speed. ( same as ZF )
Wheels- BRM 15" Powder Coated Black
Tires-? Roller has BF Goodrich for now.

I have not decided on a color yet however I am leaning towards some of the newer Grey's that have come out.
Attached a few samples and would not mind some of your thoughts. My ideas came from a Mclaren in the color chicane affect without all the busy orange trim.
Thats all I have for now hope to update as I progress.

I would also like to thank the forum members who have been a big help and will continue to be in the future.


Gonna be sweet build. Did I read this right, from order date to delivery date was almost 11 months?


Delivery would have been close to on time except for Covid shutdown.
yeah that jammed everything up. Where you on factoryfive forum aswell? I just finished my ff cobra few weeks ago now planning gt40 mk1 build aswell. look forward to following your build.
I like the first photo so far. There is quite a bit of difference when viewing on here compared to actual colors I picked. For instance the Red stripe is actually orange. I still have plenty of time to decide and I am sure I will change my mind many times.
Since my chassis will be away for a few weeks getting body fitment I have had some time to work on fuel setup.
After reading multiple posts on different setups I believe a simple system would work best for my application. I do not intend to track the car and would be used mostly for local cruising.
My car is an RCR GT40 and as shown in previous post will be powered by a 351 with Borla Stack Injection.
The driver tank will be the main tank with the passenger tank being used only as a storage. When the main tank gets low fuel would then be transferred by a manually activated dash switch.
I have attached a photo of how I think it could be setup. I am not sure however if this will work ok?
Let me know what you think of this setup and if you think any changes need to be made or if you think its a bad idea all together.IMG_3991.jpgIMG_3993.jpg

Ian Anderson

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Perhaps if you used hydramat it would make a better Choice and a chance of not having the fuel pump suck air.

I have a low pressure pump fielding a swirl pot, the feed to the pump is at the rear of the tank.
From half tank down under braking the low pressure pump sucks air. This is on a road car, ......on track days with heavy braking into corners with 2/3 tank and less it sucks air!.

You will absolutely have to use a swirl tank.

I wouldn't advise running on one tank. I connected the two tanks with dash 10 hoses and used a low pressure pump to fill the swirl tank and then pump high pressure out of the swirl tank. Doing what you suggest will require two low pressure pumps and one high pressure pump. Further you will have to keep a keen eye on the fuel tank gauges. They run out quickly.

You will need to connect the two tank's vents together but you might get too much fuel smell in the garage unless your other vents are under the caps.

Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas
Ian and Bob
Good points. I am re-considering my original layout and still a work in progress. Have lots of time before I get to that point.

I started assembly of the clutch system I received from Safir GT40. I have a Quaife transaxle with there clutch lever assembly. FYI the shaft that comes from Quaife has a different spline and does not accept the Safir clutch release lever (see photo). I had to get another shaft from Safir.
I am told that this particular twin disc setup is street friendly and not too heavy and fairly even release. I know there has been lots of discussions on certain Twin Disc being heavy and having a quick release. It will be a while before I find that out. From past Cobra builds I found that most of the negative things I have read usually fall somewhere in the middle.

I ordered the CNC Performance parts ZF Cable Shifter Conversion kit not realizing it does NOT work with the Quaife transaxle.
The Quaife case has a completely different mounting point for the shifter than the ZF.

Note: Right side Brass insert on fork shaft needs to be moved inside.


Ron McCall

Also, you're going to want to machine a grease retention groove into the inner bore of that release bearing sleeve. They have a tendency to gall the bearing retainer sleeve if they become dry.

I had put a call in to Olthoff and waiting to hear back. Its too bad because the CNC is such a nice piece.

Will do. So shall I just put a dab of grease on there?


Randy V

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I had put a call in to Olthoff and waiting to hear back. Its too bad because the CNC is such a nice piece.

Will do. So shall I just put a dab of grease on there?

I’ve always used a little antiseize in the release bearing sleeve. Works well and doesn’t flow with higher temperatures..

Dave Hood

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I saw your engine on the Prestige Motorsports site this week. They built a new 363 stroker engine for me about six months ago. I have the retro Borla Eight Stack set-up with the Holley Terminator X EFI system. I could not be happier with the work that Prestige did. I don't know any other shop that also offers a three year warranty on their new engines. Doug tuned my engine remotely and it was seamless. Runs awesome. Can't wait to see the continued progress on your car.