pilot / spigot bearing size - Audi 016 to Ford SB

Has anyone encountered the following problem and if so what is the solution?
I have one of the late 016 transaxles with the APN ratio set - these ratios are quite a bit taller than the 5N usually found so I'm keen to use it. My problem is that the gearbox input shaft is smaller (by about 2mm) than the previous boxes so my CAV supplied bearing (a needle roller bearing in a bronze sleeve) is too big for the shaft. I'm told there isn't a roller bearing of the right size and the solution is to fit a sleeve to the input shaft to expand it to the right size. Views welcome!

Brian Yeomans
A sleeve shrunk on the shaft should be OK...but making
and installing one only 1 mm thick may not be easy.

Roller bearings are nice..but most cars just used a bronze
bushing...worse case you can have a custom piece made.

Wow Ron - is there anything they don't sell?
Looking at the McMaster Carr site it looks like the solution is to fit an inner ring to the bearing - the existing bearing has an 18mm bore whereas I want to take it down to 15mm - and page 1023 has the exact part. Thanks again Ron.

Brian Yeomans
A postscript to the above thread.The solution to this problem turned out to be very straightforward.
My issue was having a pilot bearing which "expected" an 18mm input shaft whereas the input shafts on later 016 tranaxles are 15mm. McMaster-Carr sell a hardened steel collar made by Ina described as an "inner ring" - Ina part no IR15X18X16 - I guess this is designed to enable the needle roller bearing to be used with a non hardened shaft.
Anyway, the part fits perfectly, more snugly than the 18mm bearing alone on an 18mm shaft.I intend to use bearing retainer to "lock" the collar to the shaft so the collar turns in the bearing, not the shaft in the collar.

Even better for those of us outside the US - I ordered the part over the net Wednesday afternoon and it arrived (at the door in the UK) Friday morning. Hard to beat!

Brian Yeomans