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I know, boring topic. I need to find some plug wires for a 302 that won't interfere with the bundle of snakes. Going into a SPF. Does anyone make a set pre-cut or is it better to do it myself.

Also, any recommendations on brands. Years ago, I remember Magnacor was recommended to me. They only make wires unlike many other companies. I'm not an EE so I can't tell if their reasoning for their wires superiority is justified or not.
Hi Steve,
I used a set of Moroso Blue Max with 135deg boots routed under the exhaust manifolds/headers. I fitted a 6" inch length of heat shroud around the boots and wire. Even so, one wire touched the manifold and eventually burnt through, my fault and the replacement will be longer. Moroso are working with Real Steel here in UK to provide a new lead so I can avoid the cost of a complete new set. Apart from that self inflicted glitch the kit and routing are fine. Cheers Roger

I'm using also these "Silicon Heat Shield Spark Plug Boot Protector Sleeves"(see Google) around the wires. You can get them in all colors.
Even when they touch the exhaust, no damage to the wires...

I also "burned" a few set of plug wires before I used these:veryangry:


So routing under the headers with a 135 degree boot is the way to go? What brand of heat shields (or does it matter), there's a ton of brands listed in Summit and Jeg's catalogs. I may stick with the magnecor, they do have a good reputation.


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Sorry Fred, no they are sold. I'll get back to you soon on the other items.


Rick, does the length of the wires have to be custom or will the standard length wires with 135 degree boots work fine just routing them under the headers rather than over?