Polished Stainless GT-40 Headers (351W)

Never used, packed and ready to ship.

Set of polished stainless steel headers for SBF (sized for 351W), featuring 1 5/8" (~36" long) primaries with a thick 1/2" mounting flange. The conical merge collector measures 10 1/2" in length and 2 1/2" at the outlet. The SS polished mufflers are 11" long (26" total length) and feature a megaphone outlet with a 3 1/4" diameter.

There appears to be a ceramic coating on the inner wall of the primaries.

$1800, plus shipping to US address from the Denver area.

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Price reduced to $1700. Shipping will run around $60 bucks for most of CONUS.
Tom, are they all stainless steel construction or just the muffs? Also, there doesn't appear to be any tabs or lugs for holding the primaries in the slip joints. Are there?