porsche G50 gearbox for sale

porsche G50 gearbox for sale, comes with clutch, flywheel, ring gear ,starter, slave cylinder, clutch fork,thrust bearing, spigot bearing and sleeves.
requires only a gearbox adapter to fit to your choice of engine.
this was bought from Club Autpsport Ltd, porsche specialists in march 2003, and they supply gearboxs to Ultima cars in the uk.

price is £2600.000 ovno plus postage

please ring 07802 264 737 or 01227 751 588 if you have any questions

Randy V

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Hi Al,

You may want to indicate if you are willing to work with shippers to properly crate and ship this box internationally.

Also -

* Overall condition of the box? (pictures look good)
* LSD differential?
* Not to make any presumptions that this may have been prepped for a Chevrolet V8 - What engine is the flywheel machined to fit?

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