Porsche transaxle hub bolt pitch


What is the pitch of the bolts used on the drive hub of the Porsche G50/52? Need to order socket head screws and measure the shaft and shoulder diameters so that I can finish the adapters.

(I guess I'm going to have to acquire a metric pitch gauge.)

Tim Kay

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If you have time, do a search 'Rick Merz' under 'user name'

Seems to me he mentioned that some time ago when he made flange adapters.
I spent over an hour with the search function before the post and another hour aftwards. So luck.

Unfortunately, it only prints a max of 200 hits and that usually gets back to November to January.
Found it the hard way ... it is a 10 mm x 1.5 pitch.

Can't find a 10mm drill bit in Charleston. Do have a 25/64" which is supposed to cut a 0.3906 hole. (Turns out the 25/64" bit is the tap bit for a 7/16"-20 SAE thread used for the flange bolts.) 10mm translates to 0.3936" ... which would mean I should find a 10 mm bit.

Anyone know the actual diameter of a 10mm bolt? If they run a few thousandths small I can use what I have and have a good tight fit.


Thank you ... I had found this one. Interesting because it is ideal. Got a couple of cheap 8.8s at the local hardware store and they measured 0.384" in diameter. Guess I'll have to wait until the 12.8 bolts come in to see what they actually measure. Hate to do that because I have three days that could go into machine work that will be lost waiting for the darn things!

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