Porsche Transaxle

Hi all
I’m building a GT40 using a Windsor engine and am un decided on which transaxle to run.
I’ll be lucky to be getting 300 kw from the motor so wondering if the Porsche Boxster 5 Spd will be ok.
There has been plenty of guys using turbos in boxsters and them holding up
Price wise they are good value and compact design.
So is that the 5 or 6 speed?
Can these be made stronger?
I’m in Australia and the Audi and G50 options are very expensive
The six speed is longer than the 5 speed being 610 mm long
I haven’t been able to find out the length of the 6 however there seems to be issues with the 6 but haven’t found anything wrong with the 5 speed
They sound like a good box
The G96.01 6-speed from the Carrera 2 is what I'm running. (FFR GTM Build) Almost the same as the G96.00 boxster trans but it needs to be inverted. It's being used in Renegade Hybrids builds (Porsche 911 with GM LS engines) with 600 plus horsepower in a much heavier car with no issues. it's also a cable-shift transaxle vs the G50. You can find lots of these in the $2000 - $3500 range. Some of these have a factory LSD if you check the factory vin#
Might be good to talk with Scott at Advanced Automation. He knows the audi and boxster gearboxes very well and can no doubt put together a good package for you for a reasonable price.
by the way, if you can find old Audi 5000's in your local wrecking yards you'll find a decent transaxle in there (the Audi 016). Can be improved with an LSD from a porsche 944.