Porsche Turbo transaxle Reverse Switch...

I'm working out some of the final wiring on my RCR GT40 and need some info regarding the reverse switch. I have a G50 52 and I assume the reverse switch is the two connector fitting on the right side of the transaxle(inverted). Is this a normally open switch that closes when put in reverse? That's my guess. A grounding switch? Any tricks or unusual goings on I need to know about? I'll be powering some LEDS for the back up lights(36watts total)...do I need to run things thru a relay? Thanks for you replies!



Kim, 36 watts is only 3 amps at 12 volts, so a relay probably is not needed. The switch, if it is similar to a G50 reverse gear switch, is a SPST-NO (single-pole single-throw, normally open).