Powerhaus II

I know this section is more meant for reporting less than honourable businesses but I had such a great experience with these guys that i have to voice it.
Before i even bought my transmission, i sent them at least 15-20 emails with questions on the different transaxles and the options i was looking at and suggestions they had. They answered every email within a day and were very polite and willing to help. In the process of ordering stuff, again, they called me after almost every email i sent to discuss what i wanted and confirm that was a good choice. Helpfull in deciding which gears i should use and suggesting which parts to replace and steering me away from some of the stuff that wasnt absolutely necesary if it looked good. I have never been more comfortable giving away alot of hard earned money to any other company. I would confidently recomend them to everyone with a porsche transaxle. Look for my spray bar install in the DIY section in the next few weeks, (when i finally find where my bench is hiding in the garage and clear a workspace)

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

It is really for both. Really glad you had an outstanding experience with these guys. Your post could effect what a number of people do in the future.