problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

Is it only me, having problems with goods send from Dave Brown NZ??.
I have been waiting for some parts from him for more than 7 month now and when I contact him, he tells me that he will ship my parts "this week", but now he is telling me that he get "send goods coming back" from the UK. Is there members here with those problems from him??.

Randy V

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It took almost a month to the day for me to send a package Priority Mail (AIR) from the USA to NZ. It did finally get there... You should be able to get tracking information from the shipper / shipping company..
Shipping in the southern hemisphere has been very slow of late as a result of the huge volumes that COVID has created. The postal services has been adjusting their work flows and distribution routs as a result in demand and available workforce.
I had a package that only needed to travel about 30km from point a to point b.......
It ended up doing about 2000km before it got to me. I have had some other parts that took a few months to get from the UK to here in Melbourne as well while some others only took a few weeks.

Jim Rosenthal

Dave Brown does beautiful work but seldom if ever delivers anything on time. Add to that the shipping delays from the current unpleasantness and you are... where you are.
Well!. I need to explain my experience with Dave Brown to you.
Medio February 2017 I ordered 4 machined wheel hubs, 1 machined pedal housing, 1 machined ZF top cower, 1 (un machined) steering rack and a set of brackets for the rearclip. I paid him in advance for all the parts (and shipping) and I have got nothing from him, except a bunch of lies. I know for sure that he has been lying to me since November 2018 since I wrote him: will I receive a Christmas gift THIS year and he wrote back: YES you will Jonny because we only need to machine your steering rack housing. When I told him that I had ordered the steeringhousing WITHOUT machining he went quiet and in March last year he then told me that he had problems with the foundry.
I can't count the nights I have been laying awake, thinking of this deal with Dave, since I can't afford to buy those parts once again from another vendor and i really would have hoped that I wouldn't have to write this, but I think it is important to warn you all what one can except when ordering from him.
A nice Christmas to all members from here.


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Hi Jonny,

I am truly saddened to read about your issues with DB.

PM your address to me and I will send you one of these pedal box castings for you to machine yourself. It might be slightly imperfect as the back wall casting where the cylinders go is about 1.5 mm thicker than spec but it will look pretty good.

Good luck and merry Christmas to you.
WOW! now that is a nice gestus Jimmymac, I will rush and give you my address (by the way, You have helped me before, and I am very grateful for that).