Pull clutch on windsor motorl

I have a Porsche G50 52 trans axle up to a Windsor 347 small block I'm using a pull clutch after start up and approx 50 clutch cycles the main bearing wore severely . I have been told the clutch pressure is to much ? is anyone using the same combo? Any help would be appreciated
Hi mate I've had the bearings all replace etc I checked the end float on the Mr it was approx ,12mm the put the trans axle back on and rechecked the end float and it was still the same so we thought we were ok to go . We went back to our tuner and started the motor run it up to Max 2500 rpm depressed the clutch Pprox 15 times then split the oil filter . Found more bearing material . Change the filter then run it up again and Unfortunatly the same result . I'm dearly struggling to find a resolution to this problem Can you offer any other ideas ? Thanks