Quaife Transaxles from UK

Ok GT40 Forum has anyone had any experience good or bad with a Quaife QBE81GOO2 RPE 7 Speed Sequential Transaxle from the UK. It appears they use this Gear Box and a ZF QBE626 5 Speed in the Radical Race Cars, I am interested in the 7 speed Sequential with the shift paddles for the RCR GTR I plan to build.
I don't have it in the car I didn't get the paddle shifter and I wasn't planning on having a engine management system I was going to go carbureted not injected I am going to inject now. I got the shortest cable shifter available at the time. 34k delivered. I think it was rated at 1000 hp 800ft/lbs for 24 hrs. Fits in the same foot print as a zf came with all the tools to rebuild and a electronic speed sensor. And custom gearing to your needs.
Rod is that transaxle made out of platinum $ 34, 000.0 wow out of my league I believe the Quife ZF transaxle can be purchased and shipped to the US for less than 10,000.00 and Fran's Graz transaxle with kit is $ 10,000.00:
Rod not sure but I more than likely will stick with the Graz Transaxle Fran offers since I will be running a twin turbo 3.5 Ecoboost motor like the new 2017 GT -40
the Hollinger is a very very good box. I have visited the factory and seen the box in question and the parts that go into it. it has some massive bearings in it, probably twice the size of the ZF boxes. the crown wheel and the differential are all cnc machined out of a single solid billet, so if you want to change the ratio you change the diff centre carrier as well. all their steel comes out of Germany from about 2 mills as they have been the only ones capable of meeting the quality required. Its all barcoded and they can trace each gear back to a particular billet. The casings are a double wall casting next to the pinion shaft support all to provide maximum stiffness and light weight. The box comes with a cooler pump installed internally as well.
take not of the rating, its something like 800Nm under race conditions for continuous 24hr period. they don't rate it by HP as that is not what gear boxes do, they transfer torque. you could have something that does very little work (power) yet transfers a huge amount of torque. they are not directly relatable. Hp is a product of torque, however torque is not a product of HP

I was quoted $33k Australian, not sure if that included bell housing as well. but I think it included a shifter. Holinger have a FT86 running around on the street with a motec and one of their sequential paddle shift boxes. ill see if I can find a youtube link.