Queensland Motorsport Bookshop

Any motoring specific bookshops in Queensland? Can't seem to find any through google...

I like to support the shop owners, rather than Book Depository / Amazon / etc.



Many moons ago I'll visited Drysdale Auto Books which were in the Brisbane CBD, but it appears they have moved to Bowen Hills now.
You can always order from Pitstop Bookshop in Perth, very good selection there.

Troy I use pitstop bookshop in Perth for almost all my motoring book purchases. They have a great website and service is excellent.Most books are delivered overnight.

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Darrell DRB #46
LS1 G50
Hi Darrell. Yep, know them very well (spent loads in there...)

I have just moved from Perth, so was now looking for a shop in Qld.

There is nothing worse than paying a couple of hundred bucks for a book online, only to get it and realize it's half as thick as you think, and full of rubbish you don't need to know ;)

Cheers Clayton, I'll look them up.