R.I.P? Tony Benn

R.I.P. Tony Benn

I personally disagreed with many of his political ideals, but the man was a true Statesman and one of the few 'genuine' politicians.



One of the very few politicians ever to practice what he preached. He was of course a founding member of the 'Loony Left' and barking mad in a warm and fuzzy English kind of way. I greatly enjoyed his Radio 4 'Diaries' series which was both forthright and downright amusing at times. A giant intellect, and one of the very few Left Wing politicians worth listening to. His revelations about Roy Hatterlsey still make me chuckle.

Whilst the recent crop of scumbags claw their rotten way to the top of the Establishment heap in hope of a stray 'honour' it's worth remembering that this man gave up his title as incompatible with his political beliefs. I sincerely hope they remember this man's total lack of hypocrisy but I doubt it.

RIP indeed 'Lord' Tony.