Randy’s back...

Randy V

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Good morning, afternoon, evening....

Before I go any further here, I want to just thank those of you that offered words of encouragement and prayers on the loss of my dear mother so closely after having lost our only child.
We have a tendency, I think, to take life and those around us for granted. Life changing events sometimes shake us up and make us realize just what truly is important.
For me, it is faith, family and friends that are the top three.
I will be forever changed and am working pretty hard to rebuild my life’s foundation based on these three.

Thank you for your friendship and patience...



Hi Randy, good to have you back around again, and yes! I have stood on the burning deck in your absence but in truth the boys have been very well behaved on balance and I would like to put in a good word for them so that you may reward them all appropriately in due course..

Carry on.. :)