RBT Trans - Lloyd Butfoy - Anyone contact him recently?

Hey guys,

I already read the thread from a year or two ago that said Lloyd is hard to get a hold of sometimes, but is totally worth the effort it takes to get a hold of him. I'm getting ready to order my RCR40 from Fran soon, and trying to get all my ducks in a row for vendors for all the other parts.

Do we know if Lloyd is alright? Is RBT still in business? I've called him on the phone number on his website and left messages twice. Emails to [email protected] get bounced back saying it was un-deliverable and it is a permanent error. His website's internal messaging says the message will be addressed as soon as possible.

I live in Austin, TX. I know the company that makes the gearboxes for RBT is somewhere here. Is RBT the only source to buy these from in the US? I want to do business with Lloyd, but want to consider a backup option in case I can't get through to him.

Also check with Dennis Quella at Pantera Performance Center south of Denver. They're just a few miles from my place. He might have a ZF to sell and can also service them. No idea on timelines. Last time I stopped at his shop, he was pretty busy with Pantera restorations and new projects.Pantera Performance

His email is [email protected].

I just called and got him in his shop. He said he just spoke with somebody who wants to buy a gearbox and pick it up in Austin--is that you? Sounds like the problem is fixed but the rest if us don't know about it yet?
Thanks for all the replies guys. I was in a meeting and then had a phone call I was attending when Lloyd called me back today. He did leave me a message and I will call him back soon.

I was able to source a freshly rebuilt ZF from Fran - he had an order change from one of his clients, and so had a ZF come available, which he allotted to me!

Looks like I'm in good company in this group. The vendors and members that I have had interaction with so far have been quite pleasant!

Thanks again everyone.

I have a new RBT ZF wit 4.11 for sale.CAV bellhousing with trans.13k These are great! Was for a Mclaren project.