RCR's Next car should be.....

"Restoration Garage" is doing a really cool recreation of a Bugatti in magnesium. Kind of a cool project being paid for by deep pockets. I truly think I'd have stopped at hand beaten Al, but then again I'd want to DRIVE the car and I doubt that is all that high on the owners list.

The Carbon Fiber Bentley would certainly be a more use able car that was completed recently too.
I'm already imagining how to mount a seat on the spare tire carrier and bolting an MG mount on the roof (I am dead serious about this...)

Fran, would you want me to bring up a beltfed and a mount so we can have the tabs welded on before you powdercoat, and in time for PRI? (BTW Indiana is MG friendly...)


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I thought that this was going to be at SEMA?
Jack, this might be a stupid question so forgive me, but is that a painting of a real Bugatti because I absolutely love the look of that car and to be truthful I've never seen that version of a Bugatti. It's gorgeous!
Thanks Jack, that's a shame and such a beautiful car. If I had the money Steve Moal and I would be talking!
Yep! It would have to be done in aluminum. A 'glass body simply wouldn't come off right. I have been studying that one for several years. I really like it.
Agreed. A beautiful car.

Ferrari 330 P4 CAN AM
There seems to be some slight differences in the two roadster bodies. Both look great.

Jimmy P,
PurSang in Argentina made some "modern" renderings of what they called the Type 41. Was a metal project never completed. Here, all 100+ pages:
The Bugatti Build Project - a design exercise - Metal Meet Forums

There was a friend of mine that began to build one using some Jaguar XJ-6 components, but he died before getting much completed. His son scrapped it.
Jack, there is a company in NJ USA that is supposed to be building a replica Type 57S Bugatti
The Pacific - A Modern Tribute to the Classic 1937 Type 57S Bugatti


I've always liked this concept car from Chrysler.

The Atlantic

And if they built a two door version of this.... Mmmmm....

The Chronos