RCR's Next car should be.....


I have built an 037 and have a Stratos in build as personal cars...I also have an Alfasud that I want to prepare for vintage racing.....

My last roadcar in the UK prior to moving to the USA was an Integrale....

I got my start in 4 wheel(lots of two wheel first) motorsport navigating in stage rallying... for a European Group N tarmac champion..prior to owning an HSR Chevette rally car .....and many many small lightweight Italian flyers...

Fran..I seriously start to LOVE u:D

For Ron:
no no nooooooooo:p:..would like to listen also Jim opinion about 250 testarossa,maybe he knows a lot or drove one.
1957 250tr also beat a lot of british cars (ok..at least I think so..:flameon:expert plz help..:D)
About design anyway there are surely cars nicer than that one...but remember it was from 1957, v12 300 hp.
here some nice pics:
The SUPERCARS | 1958 - Ferrari 250 Testarossa
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Fran Hall RCR

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Jim and I have spoken but there is little to no chance of doing a Chaparral....unless we just model one and call it a 2F Coupe......winkwink.

Jim is very conscious about his name and its use....his concern is lawsuits and the like....the 2E continuation cars are a different animal and are very exclusive.....regardless of what the magazines have written...there wil be little change from a $1,000,000....if you want to buy one of the 5-6 being built...
I always like all the chaparrals but it seems the 2J, probably the most stunning technically of all the chaparral can-am cars, has the littlest fan fair. I guess function follows form when it comes to fan favorites.

Brian Hamilton

I'm on the verge of touching myself inappropriatel
The 2J is an awesome automobile, but my favorite would have to be the 2F...

But it's a small car, my 6'2" ass probably wouldn't fit too comfortably in that thing...

Well maybe...
FRAN!! Build one of these!!! LS7 Chevy engine with the T56 transaxle from the C6 Corvette would make this thing rockonsmile
Ya'll quit bugging Fran with new ideas. He's still got to get the 917 to market (CALL ME WHEN YOU WANT A DEPOSIT!), then the 962 (I know, it's not really official, but CALL ME WHEN YOU WANT A DEPOSIT). If doing all that hasn't killed him yet, he's then free to do the Jaguar XJR-15 (CALL ME...).

--Donnie, no, I'm not anxious. Really. CALL ME.
Tom Meade (the beautiful car in your picture is the Thomassina) is still building cars and living in Italy (Modena?) I had the chance to talk to him a few months ago, he is full of stories and advice for car nuts like us. He is certainly one of "Us". His mother was in poor health here in Southern California so he was here taking care of Mom and collecting Ferrari chassis for 'rebodying'. Unfortunately his mother passed away, I don't know if he has returned to your country yet. Tom seemed an authentic "Gearhead" and I felt privelidged that he spent so much of his time talking to little ol' nobody me. It's a conversation with one of my heros I will never forget.

Fran Hall RCR

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You all missed it.....my comment was "one for me"....and I thought you were observant...

The NEW 917 will be ready very soon....just you all wait until you see the quality of the fiberglass.....if you thought the GT40 was nice....holy smokes...you will love the 917...
Beh! i think everyone who's said that Fran should finish the 917 is correct. He not only has the tube chassis car to finish but also as the more affordable mono version. Thats a lot of stuff to do!
Fran, whats the news on the 917s? sorting out the chassis? body development? solid fuel boosters?

Fran Hall RCR

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OC...read two post above yours....I know its late but pay attention in school...your deposit would get your car moving much faster....rockonsmile
ciao Mesa,
dont u know maybe the address of Tom Meade in Modena?
I was completely fallen in love with his thomassima2 (as he says...how the p4 should be..:D)as well as for the Nembo spyder(the nicest unofficial conversion over the nicest spyder ferrari of the 60s....the 250gt california)
Cool to see at the time he worked mainly over ferrari chassis and mechanics.

I dont have the picture of a similar beauty (I've seen last year when I was Jas Honda motorsport truck driver) in Bellasi factory near Milano.
He was producing his own "monster",an unique spyder car with a too nice shape similar to old dodge Viper in the front and to Ac cobra in the rear.
Very BIG car, but the line and proportions are perfect.
Bellasi family today makes carbon fiber parts for racing, so all the body of the car will be done that way,over a spaceframe chassis(already finished)
The machanic (engine and trans)is based on a 550 maranello.
The car is simply amazing, I dunno when he can finish it (old Bellasi was a formula 2 producer of the 60's..he loved to work alluminium).
Was too cool to talk to this old car "nut"..asap I entered his garage I found in front of me the nicest old Chevy camaro I've seen in Italy....so we started talk about cars and we both lost 3 hours..


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I have been loving this thread. My 2 year old son who I am in the process of brain washing gets up every morning and insists on watching LeMans with Steve McQueen. So I am pretty sure he would vote for the 917 to be finished. I am also enjoying the fact the a number of people keep suggesting Jim G's one of Ferrari P4/5 perhaps not realizing that Jim is an active member here. Fran to his credit is very clear on his position about trying to replicate Jims car. However, if you do change your mind at least you will know where to get some molds from!

Anyway, after much thought and consideration I feel RCR's next car should be the one and only KITT. You could even program in your own talking. Imagine the fun you could have!

KITT: "Michael I know technically you aren't driving but are you sure you need another 6 pack of beer? It is just after 9AM"

MICHAEL (singing loudly his terrible german singing)
KITT: "Stupid programming. I can't kill myself but somehow listening to David Hasslehoff sing is actually worse than death"




Damn how much I loved the 1983 pontiac trans am of that serie...:)did anybody ever do a replica or a conversion body kit to have a KITT?

Seiously..I think will be too nice to see Tom Meade cars (we are talking of 2 or 3 shapes eh..) rebuild today with quality and experiece of RCR.Meade was usual to work with 60s technology over Ferrari donors..so surely his (few) cars will be quite rare and expensive.
IMHO Jim's p5 is a wonderful car but is really HIS one (and..also if he didnt say anything til now here about a replica of his beauty..I am sure he will NOT be so happy).
Consider also the base of the car is an Enzo....
Also for me is a stunning vehicle(and also for too many around the world) but reading at all the great work done to produce that, it is clear that one is something really too personal,created by his passion and love for the cars.
Dunno..think it is as if to robber something to him...
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I do not have an address for Tom, sorry.

Some company here in the US offered a kit to modify your Trans Am front bumper to look like Kitt, they also offered a dash panel to make the inside look correct. Not my style but hey, you go boy!

LOL !!! Brain washing your kid !!!

I was 12 years old when LeMans came out, I begged my parents to take me and my best buddy downtown to see it. We sat there awestruck, we thought that was the coolest movie ever made. I have a copy in my movie collection and often just watch the racing scenes to hear the sound of engines I have never heard in real life.

I was brain washed that day at 12 years old and have never recovered!

I vote Fran to get the 917 finished, I saw it at the shop last time there and the body is STRAIGHT, that plug is going to make beautiful molds. Be aware the 917 is a tiny car, the cockpit looks like only big enough for one in any kind of comfort, maybe two - if youre engaged to your passenger or in the final stages of brainwashing your offspring :)